What is ADHDog?

ADHDog provides products to help train and exercise your dog in new, unconventional ways. We work to use the newest technology to change the way you play with your dog, building a stronger bond through shared experiences.

We currently have two lines of products in the works:

ADHDog Automated Feeder

The Climber's Leash

What is the ADHDog Automated Feeder?

ADHDog is a dog feeder, exercise, and training system all in one, an internet-connect meal-time-enhancer. Using the ADHDog feeder and button system, you can make feeding time fun for both you and your dog.

How it works

Everything starts with your phone/web browser. With the click of a button, the dog feeder will activate, making an audible 'beep' your dog will grow to love, as it alerts them that food is ready!

When the food has been eaten, the system selects another button at random to light up and start beeping. Your dog must then hunt for the button, placed strategically by you, and press it. When the button is pressed, the dog feeder beeps and drops more food.

This will go on as many times as you choose, based on how much you want your dog to eat. Whether it be a mid-day snack or a full meal, the outcome is always the same: a worn out pup with a full stomach ready to cuddle.

How to get one

ADHDog is near the end of the prototype phase. We will be in need of testers and advocates very soon, so please sign up for a chance to try ADHDog for free! Get back your lapdog with ADHDog!

What is The Climber's Leash?

The Climber's Leash is a way for climbers and boulderers to get more out of walking their dog by strengthening their hands while walking. Great for rainy days, the off season, or just any time you're missing being on a wall.

How to get one

The Climber's Leash is ready to buy! Just check out our store and order one now!

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Find a local pet professional with Pawedin!

Created 03/08/2016 at 11:MPM

Pawedin Searchbar

Moving to a new place and needing a groomer? Out of town but the pup has a vet emergency? Ditch the search engine and head over to Pawedin!

What is Pawedin?

Pawedin is a mixture between Yelp and a pet social network, allowing owners to find other local pets, as well as the professionals they are using. Its uniqueness lies in its focus on pets, pet owners, and pet professionals..

Unlike Yelp, however, Pawedin is tailored to pets and pets only, and you get the added bonus of being able to choose based on the recommendations of people whose pets are similar to yours, which may mean that you end up at a vet that has more experience treating giant breed dogs (any Great Dane owners out there?), or a doggie daycare where you can bring your husky to play with other dogs just like him! It can really help pet parents to make more informed decisions on where to take their pet!

Many pet professionals (groomers, veterinarians, daycare owners, even pet photographers!) are business owners, and passionate about animals, but not everyone has the time or know-how to be an effective marketer. PawedIn can help! If you’re a pet professional, every connection you get to your business on PawedIn’s platform can give you a boost, through PawedIn’s internal recommendations, or through Search Engine Optimization. All you have to do is encourage your clients to create an account and link to your business.

Pawedin Pro Categories

So How did Pawedin Come to Be?

The idea comes from when owner Jack Farrell and his girlfriend moved to Atlanta with their husky Vixen. Jack says: “When my girlfriend and I moved to Atlanta with our dog we have no idea what vet or what daycare place we should take her to. It just so happened that our second night in Atlanta, Vixen began vomiting uncontrollably. Again, we had no idea where to take her. We had to look on Facebook, Yelp, Nextdoor, and other outlets - but none of them seemed to really provide the level of information we wanted or needed.”

After finding that no solution to this problem existed, Jack started searching to see how other industries solved this problem. He came across Porch.com, a network for home improvement, loved what he saw, and set out on development of a similar solution for pets.

3 months later, Pawedin was live, and they haven't looked back since!

Should I Use Pawedin?

Well of course! "We’ve continued to receive feedback about how excited people are they get to show off their pets online," says Jack when asked about the most positive feedback they've received. "Other than a person’s children, there’s nothing people like to show off more than their pets," and Pawedin would love to be the place you do it.

You can find out more about Pawedin at their site and make sure to check out our very own ADHDog's page!.

Frequently Asked Questions
What is ADHDog?

ADHDog is an internet-connected dog feeder and exercise system. Unlike similar food and treat dispensers, ADHDog exercises and trains your dog, wearing them out physically and mentally.

How does ADHDog work?

ADHDog is an automated dog feeder system made up of a wifi feeder and multiple wireless buttons. When you activate ADHDog, it beeps, letting your dog know that food is available. Once the food is eaten, a button is randomly chosen, causing it to light up and beep. Your dog must then hunt for the button and 'smack' it to receive more food, stimulating them both physically (running) and mentally (hunting).

What comes with the base package?

The base package comes with one dog feeder and two buttons. Based on feedback from users and fans, we may add or remove features.

How do I use it? Is there an app?

We will provide both iOS and Android apps initially, as well as a Windows 10 option post-launch.

What does the app provide?

The app will be used to control the ADHDog wifi feeder, allowing you to control how much food is dispensed, check battery levels, or schedule feedings.

As time goes on we will add the features with the highest demand from users, such as doggy analytics (speed, memory, how much they've eaten), social network integration, or third-party integration (example: FitBark).

This sounds great! When can I get one?

We're currently in the prototyping phase (see the video above) and are currently looking for testers and advocates who can try out the prototypes this Winter.

We will be launching our Kickstarter campaign Spring 2016, which will allow for pre-purchases as we finalize production and distribution throughout 2016.