Dog Training Tips: The importance of teaching your dog No

Created 10/13/2015 at 01:20 PM

ADHdog’s BFF is a small mystery mutt named Bob, who lives two houses down from us. Bob is some sort of black and tan sausage-shaped thing, with dramatically bushy eyebrows. He probably weighs five pounds soaking wet. And he is 100% the boss in the Bob-ADHdog relationship.

ADHDog and Bob

My neighbors were having their house cleaned last week, and asked if I would hold onto Bob for a couple hours, since he and ADHDog get along like cheese and crackers. “Of course!” I said. And so along came Bob (and their little old Chihuahua, who curled up in a corner and spent the entire visit pretending to be asleep). Bob and ADHdog had an amazing romp, and really is an affable little dog. But I discovered that he doesn’t understand “No”. Or “Uh-uh”. Or “Stop.”

And “No” is an astonishingly important command! A solid understanding of “No” has kept ADHdog safe many times: the dropped bunch of grapes in the kitchen (No! Don’t eat those!), the door-dash (No! You come back here!), the skunk in the park (Noooooo!) Nobody likes telling their dog no, and it’s typically recommended that you use “No” to do something like redirect your dog into the desired activity, rather than just using it to tell the dog what not to do.

So we started using No and redirecting Bob into what we wanted him to do: No, Bob, Off! (be on the floor and not on the couch). No, Bob, sit! (plant your hiney for a treat!) I’m happy to share that by the end of the day he was sitting like a pro!

ADHDog and Bob ADHDog and Bob ADHDog and Bob