Check out the new ADHDog site and try our automatic pet feeder free!

Created 09/25/2015 at 05:18 PM

ADHDog is ready to sign up beta applicants!

We have finished work on our new site and are preparing v2 of our prototype. We will be presenting a working prototype, along with a printed version of the final product, on October 15 at the MU Tech Expo in Columbia, MO.

We'll have a new video up before then to show off the prototype, and (with luck) be able to start making prototypes for our testers by the end of the year.

Have a hyper dog, no matter how much you exercise them? Worried they're bored at home when you're away at work? Just need some quiet time to cuddle but can't get them to stop jumping? ADHDog has the answer, with the Internet of Pets.