Dog Training Tips: NO KISSES

Created 11/19/2015 at 02:45 AM

ADHDog loves kids, possibly because they are right at face level for him, which means that he can lick their boogers with minimal effort. A lot of children, however, are nervous around dogs, and many dogs do not care for children. Thus, we’ve been working with ADHDog at the park to ignore kids on his walk.

So a success story for the week. Walking ADHDog with a friend, we passed a gentleman and his daughter, who was maybe two years old. She sees us coming, points her finger, and, very sternly, says to our pup, “NO KISSES.” I’m glad to share that ADHDog was a pro: stuck more-or-less at heel, and, despite a longing glance, didn’t so much as sniff after the child. And I’m sure she felt good, too – no sloppy dog kisses were had, and it’s always nice to be listened to, especially when you’re a toddler!

ADHDog on a walk