ADHDog Update: Prototype Test Day!

Created 10/13/2015 at 01:14 PM

It was ADHDog’s favorite day of the week today: prototype test day! Some backstory: ADHDog Feeder System Mark 1.0 had the distinction of being his Very Best Friend in the World for about two weeks back in April. Then one day he pulled it apart to see what was inside, and his Very Best Friend went the way of the dodo. The destruction was a valuable learning experience, though! We learned that PVC piping is no match for a determined 20-pound terrier; the untimely demise of Feeder 1.0 also allowed us to rethink our design and construction materials.

Well, today we debuted ADHDog Feeder System Mark 2.0! I’m sure you’ve seen the posts made by Husband showing all of their prototyping steps. We put it into action this afternoon with a more stable base, button functionality (which was absent in Feeder 1.0), and an overhang designed to block questing noses! It took two tries before ADHDog was associating the beeping cue with the button, and he had tons of fun running around the house between button and feeder to get his dinner. He sure is glad to have his friend back!

We’ll be posting some videos of Protoype 2 soon! Stay tuned!